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Give yourself the best chance of success with AITSUN ERP.

Accessible, Convenient & Manageable

We aim to provide the best solution for small-medium business merchants from all over the world.

Document Renew

You can add all the documents to renew with expire date. You will be notified if the document is going to expire soon.


Any amount which is received can be added in the receipts page, also expenses can be added in payment page.


Any type of enquiries sent from the website will be displayed in the enquiries tab were you will get the contact details of customer.


Our software generate reports automatically based on the transactions. For example: Cash book, day book, Profit & Loss etc.


Lead can be added first in the entry stage then that lead is handled by the person in the selling process.


When the lead is added, permitted person can add task. Automated notification sent to responsible person

AITSUN ERP is a hybrid ERP software compatible with Windows PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


In our software you can maintain the record of purchase and sales, and also the process between selling the products.

Automated reminder
Easy track on work


A POS system allows your business to make invoice to customers and keep track of sales and purchase.

Multiple Invoice
Multiple Windows

Online Shop

Were you can find the option to make some changes in the website. The changes made in the online shop will directly affect the website design

Easy Customization
Easy generation of Mechant ID

HR Manage

The attendance system makes it easy for administrators to record, manage, and compile daily employee attendance data.


Permitted person can manage the attendance. Leave will be updated from the total leaves.

Pay Roll

The responsible person can manage the employee's salary easily. It is possible to deduct or add allowances.

Work Updates

The HR department can keep track of employees' work updates easily.

Aitsun ERP is the Software that delivers the complete solution.


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