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Digital Design

Graphic design mainly aims at static design's as digital designs involve animation, responsive pages, 2D or 3D modeling. Digital designers create elements and images on digital platforms. Digital design guarantees that the user has useful experiences online. It is most important for business owners who is in need of design's to fascinate and retain customers.

Types of digital Design

1. Web Design : 

Web design is the most popular embodiment of digital design: Websites act as focus for a concept or service, it include business and commerce, many branching pages, and are used for information, entertainment and much more.

2. Landing page design : 

Landing page design is a subtype of web design but its focused on marketing purposes. Landing page is a single web page devoted to specific product or services. Businesses will use a divergent main page for each of their products or administration and digital designers must be sure that there is unity between them.

3. App icon design : 

App icons are the buttons by which user launches the app. They can be used for both advertising and branding the app. Even though they are related to app design the icon is very important for goal and construction which often requires it's own design process which is a like to logo design.

4. Email Design :

Emails are essential for business and Marketing promotion, email design creates a cohesive branding across companies communication. A good email design also enhances readers retention by visually engaging recipients all the way to bottom of the email.

5. Social media page design : 

Social media design is the content is used for digital strive used on social media marketing images include avatars, cover images and posted content for everything from Twitter to company blogs

6. Infographic design :

Infographics are the data in a subject presented with engaging graphics. Infographics can be of two types either print or digital, the digital version has the advantage of animation ,motion graphics etc. Digital infographics plays vital role for creating shareable content which makes users know about brand and the topic related to brand.

Creation of digital designers:

  • Infographics
  • Digital ads
  • PDF graphics for content like white papers or reports
  • Website graphics and layouts
  • Interactive elements like buttons
  • Wireframes and prototypes 

Why has Digital Design become so important?

Technology has advanced so rapidly such that the digital design are process are much more streamlined than earlier. As many people make improvements in technologies and innovation, digital design has become an increasingly important area. Many designers now require multi-faceted skills to be able to make use of a range of software solutions that can enhance, create and develop the most innovative digital design solutions. The worldwide dominance of the  internet and rise of smartphones and tablets has increased pressure on optimizing digital design services to ensure companies are presenting and communicating about themselves in most effective way.

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