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Exam & Result

Exams are necessary in schools to find out the real skills, talents and knowledge of the students. Similarly here, to conduct an exam teacher need to create exam, add the exam categories with the subjects. Teacher can publish the exam time table via SMS also students can view and download the time table.

Online exam :

Online exam has its own pattern to follow. Teachers need to prepare question and slot a time for each question. This exam will be a multiple choice. Student need to complete the test in allotted time.

Offline exam :

This is a exam which we all have gone through, Student need to download the question paper and write the exam and send the soft copy to teacher.

Exam Valuation and Result

Teachers are able to valuate only once the students done with their exam. After the valuation, result will be shown in the report card. Progress card can be seen privately by each parents. Teacher's can notify only some students seperately if want or can send bulk notification to everyone.

Our app gives you the flexibility to enter the marks as they can check it in the comfort of their home.