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Fees & Accounts

Manage Fees

Our Software has made work easier for school staff. Staff can manage student fees and fees procedure from our website. Payment challans are generated once the amount is paid. The student will receive a receipt for the fees payment after the challan is submitted. Pending fees of any student will be displayed in the fees and page and automatic reminder notification will be sent to the student to pay the instalment. Staff has the option to add any other expense or EC activities in the category before adding fees. Amount will be calculated on the basis of student category.


According to an accounting system, an account is a record of the financial activities associated with a specific asset, liability, equity, revenue, or expense.Throughout the accounting period, these records increase and decrease as business events occur.The accounting information can be added by the staff.

Receipts and Payments

Any amount which is recevied can be added in the receipts page, also expenses can be added in payment page.

All the transaction will be showed in reports like :

  • Cash Book : A Cash Book with a single column that records only cash transactions.
  • Day Book : The day book lists all transactions made in a particular day. In this we can keep the record of expenses of each day.
  • Sales Report : A sales report, also known as sales analysis report, it summarizes a business’s sales activities.
  • Bank Book : A Bank Book with a single column that records only Bank transactions.
  • Outstanding Statement : Outstanding report refers to the amount that has not been paid. Staff will get automatic report of unpaid amount.