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Healthcare Management

Our Software has one main features that is Students health Report. An important consideration for any school is to ensure its students are mentally and physically fit. The student health management software is designed to maintain the precise record of medical health data of each student. All details of the student and staff, their physical features and contact numbers will be recorded in this school software for any medical emergencies.

BMI or Body Mass Index

BMI or Body Mass Index is a universally recognized, logical technique for estimating obesity.Recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).
It is a basic file of weight- for- height, which is utilized to arrange underweight, normal, overweight and stout grown-ups along with the degree of related health risk. It is determined by separating the weight in kilograms by the square of a singular's height in meters. The arrangement of Underweight, Normal Overweight and Obese as per BMI will be given in the table. School can record complete health records of every student that includes BMI calculation. Student can keep a track on health.
We calculate student health data by BMI, maintain and store the health record of students.