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Library Management


Library Management

Books are the medium to record data through writing and images. Books place very major role in every students life by introducing them with the universe of creative mind.

With this, you can maintain the accession register of all books in your library with details of supplements, multimedia, and withdrawal. Before adding the book need to add the category. Students can easily browse, explore and they can view their due dates and also get the information about the issued book. Students will be notified by SMS regarding the book expiration.

Library Staff can reduce their work by using our software

  • Our software reduce librarian work because you don’t have to keep the manual record of each books as student issue or return.
  • One click reminder: Within one click the librarian or staff can remind the particular student about the book expiration and student can see by themself weather the book is in the stock or not.
  • Student will get automatic reminder to return the book.
  • Staff can send bulk message for the student.

Stock Management:

Librarian/Staff can manage the stock as the book is applied one by one. If any student apply for book, automatically one book get reduced from the total number of books of that category. When the student return it can be updated by one click.