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Bulk SMS

Sending message is important because parents can know how child is performing in the school and also keep record of student attendance. Our software provides you a new option to send message about students and their activities.

Teacher can send any type of instant notifications to parents like marks are entered for some or all exams. Our app gives teacher the flexibility to enter the marks as they can check it in the comfort of their home. Marks can also be sent to parents via SMS or App. Teacher can send App notifications with Attachments. Also there is an option to send an informational message to a selected set of students or a particular student. which can be filtered based on several criteria’s such as class, caste, gender, etc.

Our Software Publishes
  • Publishes exam Time table
  • Exam Date and Result can be sent through SMS
  • If the child remain absent for a class, that can be notified by SMS
  • Teachers can invites parents via message for meeting
  • Credential to login our website will be sent through SMS