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Organisation Management



The admin user has permission to access all the feature of this software. If the school has multi branches then there is a option to create branch and handle it accordingly. Each branch has different logo so there is an option to update the logo as well. This user can add teachers and staff, then create the credential to teacher login the software and handle the class. Teachers and staff can only access the data which is permitted by admin user

This software consume teachers and staff time. It is useful for parents to know their child performance and how active the child is participating in the other activities.

Admin user need to add all teachers to manage their class. Teachers need to add all students with their credentials, credentials will be received by students via SMS.

This software helps in making things easer like,

  • Sending bulk messeges
  • Preparation of time table
  • Notify every updates for parents and students
  • Conducting Exams and valuation
  • Update Result and automatically generate progress card
  • Issuing Library books
  • Store and update Health data

With our custom forms and built-in lead management style system, customize the pre-admission management to suit the process that you need. Upload and store all the necessary documents in the profile.