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Student Profile

The student profile shows the student information in your institution allows, such as information on their academic load and scholarship eligibility, as well as course performance, including probability of passing and course activity.

Each of the student's courses are listed under their personal information. The student details page provides detailed, course-specific information on the student's activity and grades. We can also send sms to the student using their Mobile Number. Student can view his attendance and internal marks using the same.

Students Analytics

  • Improve recruitment efforts, class scheduling, and staffing decisions, graduation rates as well as student demand and interest with greater accuracy.
  • Review and manage students perforamance of the academic year.

Classes & Divisions

This feature helps to find the detail of a student just by entering the class and division of the student.Once the class is selected, you get a option to select the division where it will show all the student list present in the particular division.Once we find the division, it will be easy for us to find the student profile.


Every class teacher will only mark attendance for the assigned class and it’s so easy that you just need to mark absent students. Application of leaves and its approval is made very simpler and easier via using mobile apps only a few authorized people can approve it.

  • Classwise Attendance
  • Application and Approval of Leave
  • Mass Attendance

Letters & Certificates

It allows educational institutions to monitor the progress of each student in academic and extra curricular activities. Generates appreciation cards for merit holders and generate leave applications for both staff and students.

Students Feedback

Feedback is option specially kept for Student. Student feedback helps us to improve student, campus, faculty, and alumni experience. Feedback provides a great opportunity to develop skills and identify areas we need to improve. Feedback is about listening actively, taking the time to analyze, and then thinking of the best possible solution to perform better. Feedback from students allows us to know what we are doing that facilitates learning but, also what adjustments that need to be made.