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Teachers, Staff& Student


Teacher's Management

Admin user need to add all teachers with their credentials, credentials will be recieved by teachers via SMS. Concerned teachers will be assigned to manage their class.Teacher Should add students of concerned class by entering all the neccessory fields. Teachers can generate roll number to add daily attendence and select one student as the class representative.If the student remain absent, teacher can notify this through SMS.

With our custom forms and built-in lead management style system, customize the pre-admission management to suit the process that you need. Upload and store all the necessary documents in the profile. Upon the admission, the same data seamlessly transitions to a new student profile.

Staff Management

The staff will be assigned with the different duties and roles in the branches and the data is restricted by the user permissions/ app permission. As per permission given by admin to the staff they can only access the permitted page.

Student Management

Teachers need to add all students with their credentials, credentials will be recieved by students via SMS. Students have the option to change the password in their profile. Student can keep a track on Attendence, Invovlement, Performance and health and you will be notified in the dashboard if there is any notice.

Articles feature is for students to improve their literature skill. Students can submit an articles, stories, poems etc. to any teacher. If an article is accepted by the teacher, that article is shown in public. Students can easily browse, explore and add the books. They can view their due dates and also get the information about the issued book. Students will be notified by SMS regarding the book expiration.

To conduct an exam Teacher need to add the exam categories with the subjects. Students can download the exam time table. After the valuation, it will show the result with the progress card. When student participate in sports and Extra-curricular activities, it will directly reflect in the school calender and notify students by mobile app. student will be rewarded once the event date is expired. Aitsun-School Management Software keeps complete academic records of your students. Keep track on their examination grades and assignment assessment.