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We are AITSUN Technologies, a reputed IT company based in Oman and India.
Practically showing of how something works or its uses. Aitsun website make thing easy to use and application which can be used for every company.

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The download time for software/firmware updates from the Internet can be over 30 minutes depending on the Internet connection speed and the size of the file.Once new software/firmware is uploaded to the server, the automatic software/firmware download usually begins within 24 to 36 hours.

Yes, all the printers are supported to the software.

Any education institution where there is a need of legitimate administration, Erudite is awesome to use there. The Erudite software is appropriate for little, medium-sized and enormous schools. Additionally, the product functions admirably when utilized even at university levels.

It is important for companies to consider ERP regardless of their size or industry. In the past few years, small- and medium sized businesses have been the driving force behind ERP growth.

Graphic Design

You will get the electronic files upon receiving your final payment on CD, Dropbox, or by e-mail. We also keep a copy on file in case of changes or if you lose the original.

Aitsun Graphic Designers transfers all copyrights to the client upon full payment of the balance. Any work may, however, be used for promotion.

As notice above, all that we really do have limitless corrections until you are 100% happy with the design. This is like-wise valid for our designs office. We do logo plan, business card plan, flyer plan, handout plan, fixed, pennants and considerably more as we assist you with building your image.

Web Design

Mobile-friendly websites are more important than ever! We provide you with a mobile-friendly website that will look great on any device.

100% Yes! Having Google as our partner means that we have an obligation to our customers to make sure you have a visible website online. So we build your website 100% SEO friendly and use best practices on web design as assigned by Google.